Glossary of Terms

From time to time, you’ll see acronyms, abbreviations, and travel industry-specific terms in Travel For Boomers posts.  We will try to keep this to a minimum, but we want to be consistent with the way in which travel industry experts communicate. This glossary will serve as a growing source of terms that you can use as a reference.  Please let us know if you have any suggestions as to how we can make this as informative as possible.

  • ABC Islands – The ABC islands are Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao [Wikipedia]
  • Direct Flight – A flight with a scheduled stop that may or may not require a change in planes.  This is not the same as a non-stop flight (see below).  A direct flight may include a stop where both flights are recorded under the same flight number. [Wikipedia]
  • Non-stop Flight – A flight that includes a single take-off and single landing.  Non-stop flights are often confused with direct flights, but they are not the same. [Wikipedia]
  • Privacy Policy – What information we gather and how we use it; view ours.
  • Travel Protection – A combination of travel insurance benefits and emergency hotline services, designed to give you protection for your travel investment, health, and belongings while you are traveling.  Travel protection often covers flight delays.
  • Three-Hour Rule – A U.S. Department of Transportation-imposed rule for airlines that limits the amount of time a plane may sit on the ground before the passengers are allowed to deplane on domestic flights. [DOT Website]
  • WordPress – The blog software used to manage Travel For Boomers.
  • Travel Hacking – Yes, the term has negative connotations. Most “hackers” are doing something illegal. But make no mistake: Travel hacking is completely legal. It’s simply a term (coined by whom, we can’t remember) to describe folks who study hard and use all the tips and techniques available to them to amass frequent flier miles and rewards points so that they can travel the world for free or nearly free. And every tip or technique is totally legal, from sign-up bonuses for credit cards to getting miles by shopping at participating retailers. We promise we will never, ever suggest a “travel hacking” technique that isn’t completely above board!
  • Terms and conditions – This is the fine print you need to read for any deal or special offer from airlines, etc. Sometimes the “T&C” is simple. Other times, it can be a deal breaker. So be sure to read it before jumping on a special offer or deal.

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