“Bed Picnics” For Baby Boomers — Rated G!

by TFB Editors on March 21, 2012

 By Christine Krzyszton

When you’re traveling, the nightly restaurant ritual can become expensive, the long waits because of summer crowds can be very annoying, and eventually we can verge on restaurant overload. Do you find yourself longing for a simple meal enjoyed quietly with that special someone, or dining in with your family, or just treating yourself to a solo supper?

Whether you’re spending your vacation in a condo, rental house, or hotel room,  a “bed picnic” may be just the alternative to the nightly dining-out repetition.

Yes, a “bed picnic” does, indeed. take place on a bed! Select one evening of your trip  and designate it as Bed Picnic Night. That day, be sure to allow plenty of time to forage for food items in your area for your twilight picnic.

Exploring an open-air market in Tuscany. Imagine the edible treasures there!

Each city or region is its own bed picnic “supermarket,” so try to discover the bountiful selection of edible delights specifici to your vacation location that you’ll look forward to indulging in this evening. Vacationing in Tuscany, for example? You’ll want to pick up a bottle (or two) of wine from a local vineyard, locally produced cheeses, freshly grown fruits and vegetables from roadside markets, specialty meats and smoked fish, a freshly baked loaf of artisan bread from a brick oven, pastries from a local bakery, and specialty olive oil, vinegars, and olives — just to name some of my favorites. Wherever you travel,  you’ll surely find your own edible treasures.

Now it’s evening and time to reap the rewards of your food foraging. Prepare the bed with a “tablecloth” of paper bags or purchase one of those inexpensive plastic red-and-

Selecting local fruit in Greece.

white-checkered cloths you’re sure to come across in your daily travels. It will wash off nicely and you can use it again and again (this isn’t your last bed picnic, you know!). No rules here except that you enjoy the spread you’ve put together.

There’s a certain satisfaction gained from the fact that you gathered the food during your travels and anticipated the upcoming “picnic.” No lines, no expensive restaurant check — just pure, fresh, local food you and your spouse/family/other traveling companion personally selected.

Cubed molasses candy in an Indian market.

Best of all, your bed picnic is one-of-a-kind. There will never be another one exactly like this one because of how it was created.  You can visit another city and create another bed picnic, but it will be totally different — equally as wonderful perhaps, but totally different depending on the season and local specialties available.

So go out, forage, and enjoy the best the area you’re visiting has to offer.

And tomorrow night, I know this little French restaurant you might be interested in….


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